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Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to Pantry Grubs.. or the place where my weird little food brain comes out to play. The name is Bri. I came here on a mission (but not before I’ve had my coffee, of course). I’ve always had this crazy love for food. I mean, I think we all do, but seriously – my life revolves around it. I think about it all the time.

Literally, I wake my boyfriend up in the middle of the night when I come up with a good idea for a salad dressing. Or just how to get the chicken crispy without using a ton of oil.

Most of the time, I’m cooking and creating recipes. But if I’m not cooking, you know I’m eating. And eating good. Always.

chicago hot dog festival

I live in one of the most fantastic foodie hubs in the entire WORLD (in my humble opinion.) Chicago has tons to offer when it comes it food, and when I occasionally go out to eat, I love to show love to my favorite restaurants.


I like to think that my recipes are simple and easy to follow. As far as my cooking experience goes, I have zero formal experience, and have pretty much taught my self how to cook and bake. I’ve developed my love for food from working in food service & various restaurants, baking my siblings birthday cakes, traveling the world, binge watching the food network & checking out nearly every cookbook out of the library to learn about flavor profiles.

People always ask me what kind of food is my specialty. To be honest, I don’t really have one. I love using a lot of fresh ingredients and making things from scratch. It makes me proud to know that I know exactly how something was made, and I won’t recommend a restaurant or product unless I believe in it whole-heartedly.

Last but most certainly not least, I have to credit my boyfriend Chamere for all of the hard work he puts into making my blog look amazing. His photography skills are on point, and he’s a wonderful taste-tester! This blog would not possible without him. You should definitely check out his instagram @minusoneofficial to see some beautiful shots!

Together, we make up Pantry Grubs.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures with food!

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